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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Finally! The First Sunday Flying This Year!

We finally got good Sunday flying weather in Walkersville, Maryland today for pretty much the first time this year.
Made it out to the Walkersville Heritage Farm Park for my first flying session this year.
Six flights on my modified Top Flite ARF Flite Streak powered by an OS 25 LA-S. The engine fired right up after the winter layoff. Didn't have to change the needle valve setting at all.
Managed to do plenty of inside and outside loops, inverted laps, wingovers and reverse wingovers, and horizontal, vertical, and overhead eights.Typical spring wind conditions. Steady winds in the 15 + mph range. And a lot of variation in wind direction during the course of a flight.
But the Streak handles well in the wind. So it was plenty of fun.
Can hardly wait until the next time I get a Sunday off from work with good flying weather!


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