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Monday, November 05, 2007

C/L Flying is Still A Blast!

Made it out to the Sky Lancers of Washington Club flying field yesterday. John, Joe, Chuck and I were there. The weather was almost perfect. Temperatures in the mid 50's. Very light winds. Some clouds and the sun not too high in the sky.
John, Chuck and Joe brought some really cool planes as usual.
John's Nick Ziroli Combat 38 powered by an Enya 19.
Joe's Guillows Me-109T powered by a Cox 09.
Joe's Tomahawk powered by a Veco 19.
Chuck's Stunters.
And my Sidewinder Special powered by a Thunder Tiger GP-25 C/L.
Plenty of flights-plenty of fun-plenty of excitement.
Thanks for the Sunday off, boss.
Pictures to follow.


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