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Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday SLOW Club Flying Session

Sorry, no pictures this week. The regular camera was needed by the family elsewhere. So I grabbed the old one at the last minute. The battery was low of course. But I had to get to the field-no time for recharging. I figured the battery would last for a few pictures. But the cold weather apparently is not friendly to low batteries. After sitting in the cold pickup all afternoon, the battery was dead.
But the good news is---only two of us showed up. It was only in the mid 40's temperature wise. That is kind of cold for the natives. Chuck and I were the only two foolish enough to arrive at the field. Of course we are both Northerners. And pictures of the planes we brought are available in the archives of this very website.
Chuck brought his Me-110. Two more break-in flights. The sound of two synched OS LA 25's is very cool! And Chuck brought his Agwagon-Twister also.
My Circulator 2 has five more flights on it now. Still tough to start the engine. But when it is running I love the way it runs. Hopefully one of these days it will be sorted out. And I love to fly the plane. It was wicked windy at the field yesterday. Rough downdrafts and shear winds. Plus randomly variable wind direction. And just plain high gusts. Still managed to do overheads and whatever other maneuvers I felt like doing. It feels great to have fun flying on a day like yesterday and leave the field with a plane that is still in one piece.


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