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Friday, March 31, 2006

S.L.O.W. Club Thursday Flying Session

Sorry, No pictures. I took the good camera. But we were having such a blast flying that I completely forgot to take pictures.
We had great weather. 75 degrees! Sunshine! Variable direction winds. Wind speed varying from dead calm to gusts strong enough to blow a baseball hat off my head while I was flying. Also some nasty updrafts and downdrafts. And a bunch of miscellaneous shear winds. You could call it a typical spring windy weather pattern at our flying field.
Good turnout. Lots of neat planes.
John brought two combat planes, two 1/2-A sport planes, and a 1/2-A autogiro.
The two combat planes both crashed. The two 1/2-A sport planes both flew well. And the 1/2-A autogiro actually flew! What a cool sight!
Don showed up with his 1/2-A Beechcraft Staggerwing and flew it. It is a beauty. And he also brought a .35 powered sport special based on what looks like an old Midwest kit wing. He flew it successfully including many inside loops. It was his first flight with a .35 sized plane. Go Don!
Kenny showed up with his ARF Nobler powered by a Tower 40. Two good flights.
Ken showed up with his custom super light Ringmaster and his custom super light Flying Clown. Both beautiful planes.
Unfortunately the Ringmaster crashed. Ken was doing a vertical eight (he had just come back to inverted after finishing the high loop part of the vertical eight) when a shear wind caught the plane and blew it about 40 feet to the right and about 12 feet lower without warning. When Ken tried to tuck the plane under to finish the eight, he was too close to the ground, and the Ringmaster augured in.
Glen showed up, but did not bring a plane.
I managed to put in five more flights on the Circulator 2. It is a wonderful plane. It has plenty of power. It goes where you point it. It is fast. It turns tight. It handles the wind well. And it glides well and lands gently. It really is finally the sport plane I have been daydreaming about and trying to build since about 1955. Late success is better than no success.
The Super Tigre G34H on the Circulator 2 is still a little tough to start. It was a little better yesterday. But I still can't say I have worked out the kinks. But once the engine starts, I love the way it runs. It has an APC 10x5 prop on it now, and the thrust that combination puts out is awesome.
Hopefully next time I go out to the flying field I will be able to remember to take a few pictures.


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