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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Spring Flying-Stooging Locally

Went flying with my trusty stooge today. Haven't been flying for a couple of weeks. Really getting antsy. Convinced myself that today would be a good one to go flying at the local Heritage Farm Park here in Walkersville. Noticed a few strong wind gusts on the way to the field although the Weatherbug reported 9 m.p.h. at Walkersville H.S.
So I took my Skyray. Engine started well. Good takeoff. I started to really enjoy the flight. I knew it was a little windy, but I figured the Skyray and I could handle it. Managed to do one inside loop and one lazy eight. Then the wind really started to blow. I began to worry the Skyray would get blown out of the air. It almost did a couple of times. When the engine ran out of fuel of course I glided into a downdraft that forced a wicked hard landing. Lucky to still have a Skyray.
Pictures to follow.


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