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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sporthawk Again Posted by Picasa

Sporthawk Posted by Picasa

My Flying Clown Posted by Picasa

John Vlna's Flying Clown Again Posted by Picasa

John Vlna's Flying Clown Posted by Picasa

Clowns Rule! Posted by Picasa

Slow Club Wednesday Flying Session

Clowns rule! Clowns can STUNT too!
Sporthawk-8 flights! Engine broken in now. But-some tank problems to straighten out. Changed the tank today. And drilled a few extra holes in the fuselage so that the tank will be adjustable at the field. The power train and the flight characteristics are very promising. But I still have some engine run trimming to do. I am pretty sure this is going to be my best flying plane once the engine run is sorted out. It really grooves. In spite of the difficulties, it has completed inside and outside loops, inverted flight, wingovers, and figure eights.
Pictures to follow.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Another Zero Posted by Picasa

Zero Posted by Picasa

WhoooDooo! Posted by Picasa

Triplane! Posted by Picasa

Storch Posted by Picasa

Spares Posted by Picasa

Skyray Carrier Posted by Picasa

PT-19 Posted by Picasa

Mustang Posted by Picasa

Clown Time! Posted by Picasa

Jr. Magician and Vipers Posted by Picasa

Duelling Throttles-Oh George Wherefore Art Thou? Posted by Picasa

SLOW Club Sunday Flying Session

Lots of flying. Lots of planes. Good turnout. One of the highlights of the day was John, Tim, and George flying three in a circle with their throttled warbirds. Pictures to follow.

Leo 25 C/L-Big Art Muffler-APC 9x4 Prop-GRW 4.25 oz. Chicken Hopper Tank Posted by Picasa

Sporthawk-Power Train Change

Change of plans. The Double Star 40 turns out to be an engine that is set up at the factory in Moldova to be mounted either inverted or upright. Since the Sporthawk is a profile, I decided to use another engine. The Leo 25 turned out to be the choice. Dual ball bearings, ABC, and Schnuerle. Plenty of power. This one is equipped with a J'en venturi from Just Engines. I broke it in today with about 30 minutes run time on the ground divided into ten runs for heat cycling as part of the break-in. Now the Sporthawk is truly ready to fly.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sporthawk Posted by Picasa

Sporthawk Posted by Picasa

Sporthawk Posted by Picasa

Sporthawk Posted by Picasa

Double Star 40 and GRW Chicken Hopper Posted by Picasa

Sporthawk Posted by Picasa