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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sporthawk-First Coat! Posted by Picasa

Sporthawk Progress

The first coat of Rustoleum is on!
Just in case you are curious, the finishing system I am using on this plane is:
1.) one coat of water base clear gloss polyurethane from Home Depot
2.) one coat of water base Krylon primer sealer from Walmart
3.) two coats of Rustoleum color
All coats brushed on.
The wing is covered with Polycover from Hobby Lobby.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sporthawk-Covered and Primed Again Posted by Picasa

Sporthawk-Covered and Primed! Posted by Picasa

Sporthawk-Covered and Primed!

Tomorrow the color goes on. Pictures to follow.

Voodoo Wing-Plus Posted by Picasa

Pacific Theater Storch Posted by Picasa

MB5-Super Ringmaster-? Posted by Picasa

Naval Air Posted by Picasa

Sidewinder Special Posted by Picasa

Viper! Posted by Picasa

Bi-Slob and Shoestring Posted by Picasa

Skyraider Fun Scale Posted by Picasa

Picnic Time Posted by Picasa

SLOW Club Sunday Flying Session

Good day at the field. Lots of flying. Lots of fun. No serious crashes. Pictures to follow.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sporthawk ARC Posted by Picasa

Sporthawk (Modified) ARC

Just posting a progress photo. The Sporthawk is almost ready to cover. I decided to modify the design. The rudder area has been reduced to a 1970's style combat rudder. And the stabilizer and elevator have been replaced with a combat style floating elevator setup. Hopes are running high for sport flying fun from this plane.

Monday, August 22, 2005

This and That

A few more comments.
George and Tim brought 1/2-A plank wings. They were flying two-up on the side circle for quite a while. It looked like a lot of fun.
And George flew his Shoestring again with the usual great results.
Joe did fly his Oriental on it's maiden flight. Good first flight. Beautiful airplane.
PJ flew his ARF Nobler. Nice airplane.
Charlie flew his Magician 15. The Fox 15 on it is back to running great again.
John flew his carrier planes. They seemed to perform well to me. But I don't know much about carrier flying.
My Magicain 40 was a struggle. I could not get the engine to run for a long time. Finally I removed and cleaned the NVA. (Turned out to be a glob of oil in the spraybar hole!) Then the engine ran fine. But of course I did not want to do all that work, So I waited too long to do it. So by the time the maintenance was done it was late. So I only managed to get in two flights. And the engine was a little too rich on both flights although the second one was better. Managed a few loops and wingovers. Perhaps I should fly the Magician more often.

My Magician 40 Posted by Picasa

Joe's ARF Oriental Again Posted by Picasa

Joe's ARF Brodak Oriental-Beautiful! Posted by Picasa

Charlie's Magician 15 Posted by Picasa

PJ's ARF Nobler Posted by Picasa

John's Carrier Biplane Posted by Picasa

John's Carrier Storch in Japanese Style Posted by Picasa

Joe's Tutor II Posted by Picasa

Joe's Tutor II and Joe's ARF Oriental Posted by Picasa

SLOW Club Sunday Flying Session

Posting a few pictures.
The first two Tutor II RTFs we have seen at our field showed up yesterday.
One was Joe's-powered by a brand new O.S. Max 46 FSR. On the first flight the engine run was a little rich. Good glide and landing. On the second flight Joe was doing some neat maneuvering when the bellcrank-pushrod connection suddenly let loose. No control. Crash. Either totaled or a very difficult repair.
We all looked at the failed pushrod connection after the crash. The pushrod was really bent in a strange way at the bellcrank. Joe says he followed the directions exactly. It looked like something I wouldn't do-directions or not. Anyway, I have one of these ARF Tutor IIs still in a box in the basement. You can bet I am real concerned about the pushrod-bellcrank connection now.
The other Tutor II was George's. He has a P.A.W. 40 diesel on it. He did most of a beautiful stunt pattern with it. When he reached the four-leaf clover, the engine run became a little too erratic to complete the maneuver. But it was the first flight! Very impressive.
Before I assemble my Tutor II ARF I will have to consult with George about his bellcrank-pushrod connection.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Sidewinder Special Posted by Picasa

Shoestring Again Posted by Picasa

Shoestring Posted by Picasa