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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Ukey 35 Again Posted by Hello

Thursday Flying Session

Forgot the camera again!
But... I am going to add the camera to my pre-trip-to-the-field checklist from now on. The checklist started as: plane, fuel, battery, tools. Then it became: plane, fuel, battery, tools, stooge, spare props. Now it is: plane, fuel, battery, tools, stooge , spare props, and camera.
That should work...
Took my Ukey 35 out to the field on Thursday. It has been about ten months since it was last flown. The old (but only just broken-in) Enya 35 BB (square venturi) fired right up. I did not touch the needle valve setting. And it ran with a nice 2-4 break.
A couple of flights to limber up the engine and refamiliarize myself with the plane. And then the maneuvers began. Not much wind. Good session.
Inside and outside loops, wingovers, inverted flight, horizontal, vertical, and overhead eights, good gliding, smooth landings. A real satisfying day at the flying field.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sunday Flying Session

Forgot the camera again!
Ringmasters rule! One of the guys in the club brought a stopwatch to the field. He timed my rebuilt S1 Ringmaster at 27.5 seconds for 7 laps! Under 4 seconds per lap! It is safe to say this is my hottest Ringmaster yet.
And it is really fun to stunt at that speed. The GMS engine is broken in now, so I started stunting the plane. It has now completed inside and outside loops, wingovers, inverted flight, lazy eights, and overhead eights. What a blast!
And six landings without one turnover!
Ringmasters rule!
Now I can say I have been flying Ringmasters off and on for 50 years. I built my first one (powered by a McCoy 29 Super Sport) (what a dog) at the age of 12 in 1955. This one is probably my 4th or 5th. It took a long time, but I finally got one really right.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday Flying Session-SLOW Club

I remembered the camera today, but I got so wrapped up in breaking in the new GMS 32 on my rebuilt S1 Ringmaster that I forgot to take pictures! The GMS 32 ran about 22 minutes on the ground. Then I managed to get four flights on the engine. About 30 minutes of flight time. So the engine is almost broken in now. Probably about two more flights ought to get the job done.
I love my new old rebuilt Ringmaster. The GMS 32 has awesome power. The Ringmaster flies really fast! One of the guys at the field estimated the speed at about 75 m.p.h. And one of the other guys estimated it at about 85 m.p.h. All I know is that it is fast. It is the hottest Ringmaster I have ever flown. I have not attempted any maneuvers with the plane because I am still breaking in the engine. The glide is very good. I had four good landings today.
When I bought the GMS 32, I really did not know how much power it really has. A month or so after I bought it, I was reading the spec sheet that came with it, and noticed that it is rated at 1.2 h.p. That is a lot! It is the same as the OS LA-46! But I still did not really get it until I flew it today. That engine is amazing. Can you tell I like fast planes?
We also had a crash at the field today. One of the guys flew his ARF Nobler into the ground upside down during an outside maneuver.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sidewinder Special Again! Posted by Hello

Rebuilt S1 Ringmaster Again! Posted by Hello

Circulator Again! Posted by Hello

More C/L Pictures

Just wanted to post a few more pictures taken today with my other camera.

Monday, May 16, 2005

A New Sidewinder Pic-2 Posted by Hello

A New Circulator Pic-2 Posted by Hello

A New Sidewinder Special Pic-1 Posted by Hello

A New Circulator Pic-1 Posted by Hello

A Few New Pics

Just took a few new pictures of the Circulator and the Sidewinder Special. Might as well post them.

Power Train-S1 Ringmaster Rebuilt Posted by Hello

Power Train-S1 Ringmaster Rebuilt

GMS 32 BB ABC engine from Tower Hobbies. R/C carb removed. J'en Ven (available from Just Engines) control line venturi slipped in. MVVS R/C needle valve assembly. "Big Art" Adimisin tongue muffler. Top Flite Super M 9x6 prop. Topped off with a 3.75 oz. GRW Chicken Hopper fuel tank. 1/2 in. R/C foam under the fuel tank. Tank held on with rubber bands attached to hooks made from bicycle spokes. Engine mounted on Brodak 3 degree offset engine mounting pad. Tom Morris aluminum engine mounting pads on other side of fuselage.
Tank is mounted about 1/4 in. above the needle valve centerline.
The S.L.O.W. club will be holding a flying session this Wednesday. I will be there with the new rebuilt Ringmaster. Hopefully the results will be good.

Ringmaster Rebuilt!-3 Posted by Hello

Ringmaster Rebuilt!-2 Posted by Hello

Ringmaster Rebuilt!-1 Posted by Hello

Ringmaster Rebuilt!

Finally finished my Flea Market Ringmaster Rebuild (S1 Kit Version-originally built many years ago in Pennsylvania by a person unknown).
Posting a few pictures to prove it. Looks pretty good if you ask me. Wing is covered with Polycover yellow transparent. I love this stuff. It comes from Hobby Lobby in Tennessee. It has random fibers in it. It is not a film. It is real easy to use. It is tough. And it looks great.
The engine mounts had to be replaced. I just cut the old ones out with a coping saw and a hacksaw. The new ones are 3/8" by 3/4 ". That way they match the width of the old mounts plus the plywood doublers and the rebuild looks even.
I tried to remove the old finish with acetone, denatured alcohol, and sandpaper. I got some of it off. But it was pretty frustrating. So I ended up just painting Krylon water based primer over what was left of the old finish before it was all removed.
The color is two coats of Rustoleum Almond.
I kept the original controls, and the original landing gear.
So all-in-all it was not too much work and time.
Here's hoping it flies well and lasts a long time.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Flip 10 (OS 10 FP-S) Posted by Hello

George's Zero Posted by Hello

Shoestring (OS 25 LA-S) Posted by Hello

Flightline Posted by Hello

Joe"s Bearcat Posted by Hello

P47D-"Tarheel" (McCoy 40) Posted by Hello

Photos-S.L.O.W. Club Flying Field

Finally remembered to bring the camera to the flying field today!
It really was too windy to fly. We had multidirectional spring winds of about 15 to 20 m.p.h. and up. And also a lot of vortexes and vertical shear winds. Couldn't do much but fly level. I flew my Flip 10 (windy weather flyer) 5 times. And flew the Streak twice. Both planes survived.
The rest of the guys mostly flew level. No bad crashes today.
Check out the pictures.