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Monday, July 25, 2005

Voodoo Wing Thing Again Posted by Picasa

Scotty's Voodoo Wing Thing-McCoy Power! Posted by Picasa

Scotty's Skyray Carrier Posted by Picasa

John's Skyray Carrier Posted by Picasa

George's Skyray Carrier Posted by Picasa

George's Shoestring Posted by Picasa

Foxberg Slow Combat Racing Mayhem! Posted by Picasa

Lagg 7 Stunt Posted by Picasa

KI-100 Stunt Posted by Picasa

Clowniac Posted by Picasa

Ken's Other Repro Flying Clown Posted by Picasa

Ken's Repro Flying Clown  Posted by Picasa

Sunday Flying Session-S.L.O.W. Club

Managed to get a few pictures-posted above. Highlights: 1.) Phil picked up his handle upside down and crashed his Yak 9. 2.) John's slow combat modified Shoestring absolutely tore up the sky!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Rangoon... Come in, Rangoon...Rangoon, Do you copy? Rangoon... Posted by Picasa

Hello Rangoon... Posted by Picasa

Skyray 32 Posted by Picasa

George's Shoestring  Posted by Picasa

Fire It Up! (Magician 15) Posted by Picasa

G Shark-Shades of Yesteryear Posted by Picasa

Combat Wombat (Scott Schmidt original) Posted by Picasa

Joe's Bearcat Posted by Picasa

S.L.O.W.Club Sunday Flying Session-Hot As Blazes!-Weather

Hot and humid!
Managed to struggle with the needle valve on my Magnum 32 long enough to finally get it adjusted for the heat and humidity. Nothing wrong with the Skyray. Managed to perform inside and outside loops, wingovers and reverse wingovers, lazy eights, vertical eights, overhead eights, and inverted flight.
The Combat Wombat flew. Awesome! I can't even follow it with my eyes! I can not even imagine trying to follow it with another combat plane.
A semi-scale P-40 buzzed the field. We heard a faint cry from the pilot. I think he said "Hello Rangoon..."
Posting a few pictures.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Tora! Tora! Tora! (Semi-Scale) Stunt Posted by Picasa

U.S. Navy Air Threat Posted by Picasa

McCoy 19 Alive and Well! Posted by Picasa

Skyray Carrier Posted by Picasa

Luftwaffe! Posted by Picasa