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Monday, January 30, 2006

Starting? Posted by Picasa

Ken's Zilch X Posted by Picasa

Ken's Ringmaster Posted by Picasa

Ken's Clown Posted by Picasa

Charlie's JR Magician Posted by Picasa

John's Japanese fighter Posted by Picasa

Airborne 3 Posted by Picasa

Don's Waco Posted by Picasa

Airborne 4 Posted by Picasa

Airborne2 Posted by Picasa

Airborne 1 Posted by Picasa

John's dive bomber Posted by Picasa

Glen was there Posted by Picasa

John was there Posted by Picasa

Glen fueling Skyray Posted by Picasa

Chuck launching Skyray Posted by Picasa

Chuck was there Posted by Picasa

SLOW Club Flying Session-Monday

Another January day with temperatures in the 60's!
So a bunch of us made it out to the field.
Lots of fun. Lots of good flights.
A few frustrations.
Pictures to follow.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Circulator Posted by Picasa

Circulator 2-Concept-New Project

Remember the Circulator? (Picture to follow.) Well, believe it or not, I think maybe it can be improved. So that may well be my next project.
Here is the idea.
Replace the Built-up Fleetwon wing with a Gotcha 460 foam wing from the Corehouse. This replacement will enable me to recess a Chicken Hopper tank into a wing cutout just like on the Yankee Nipper. That will allow a shorter nose nose moment without sacrificing any fuel capacity.
Otherwise I will keep the tail moment the same. And keep the tail feathers the same. And keep the two wheel aluminum landing gear on the fuselage.
The original Circulator is a very good performer just as it is. So a lighter Circulator 2 with a little more wing area, a double tapered wing instead of a barn door wing, and a shorter nose moment seems like an idea worth trying to me.
So here goes... Still plenty of building time before Spring...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

JR Nipper 3 Posted by Picasa

JR Nipper 2 Posted by Picasa

JR Nipper 1 Posted by Picasa

JR Nipper Finished!

Hooray! The JR Nipper is finished.
Pictures to follow.
Next question... when will we get our next little bout of flying weather?

Monday, January 23, 2006

JR Nipper Tail Feathers Posted by Picasa

JR Nipper Covered and Painted Posted by Picasa

JR Nipper-Almost Ready To Assemble

Finished applying the second coat of Rustoleum Regal Red to the JR Nipper today. It looks good with the Hot Pink Econocoat.
I use a brush and a small can. Spraying is too modern and high tech for me. Besides I don't like the idea of breathing chemicals.
The tail feathers are more or less finished and ready to attach to the airframe.
So in about 24 hours (drying time) the final assembly of my new JR Nipper can begin.
Pictures to follow.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Glen's Custom Skyray again Posted by Picasa

Scotty's Voodoo Wing Thing Posted by Picasa