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Monday, August 21, 2006

Tim's Hellcat and Bislob Again Posted by Picasa

Tim's Hellcat and Bislob Posted by Picasa

Mission Prep Posted by Picasa

Joe's New Twister Again Posted by Picasa

Joe's New Twister Posted by Picasa

Clowniac Posted by Picasa

Tim's Mustang Again Posted by Picasa

Tim's Mustang Posted by Picasa

Don's Hexdrone Posted by Picasa

George's Me-109 Again Posted by Picasa

George's Me-109 Posted by Picasa

Don's Staggerwing Posted by Picasa

Ken's Modified ARF Flite Streak-BBTU-2 Posted by Picasa

Ken's Modified ARF Flite Streak-BBTU-1 Posted by Picasa

SLOW Club Sunday Flying Session

The highlight of the day has to be George Caldwell flying Ken Tucker's ARF Flite Streak (modified and powered with an OS FP 20 set up BBTU fashion). George really put up a couple of nice full stunt patterns with the Flite Streak.
But the highlight of the day may also have been Scott Schmidt's very young son flying his Black Widow powered Battle Board over and over again as fast as Scott could refuel and restsart it.
Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Enya Power Posted by Picasa

Stuntin' Ringmaster 19 Junior Posted by Picasa

Ringmaster Jr. Flies in Walkersville

Skipped dinner last evening to go flying at the Walkersville Heritage Farm Park. It was a little hot and muggy at the field, but there was very little wind. Great C/L flying conditions.
The Ringmaster Jr. has been mostly idle for the last 18 momnths or so, because I feared the engine might have some issues. Last evening cleared that up!
It did take me a couple of flights to get the needle valve setting sorted out. But on the last three or four flights, the Enya 19-V on the front of the plane put out plenty of the right kind of usable power.
Plenty of fun. Plenty of inside and outside loops, inverted laps, wingovers, lazy, vertical, and overhead eights. My kind of sport flying.
The Sterling-Estes Stuntin' Ringmaster 19 Junior powered by an Enya 19-V turns out to be a nifty spiort flying combination.
Of course the plane is now out of production. But one of them does occassionally show up on eBay. And the Enya 19 is still in production. And they can be bought on eBay in good condition at reasonable prices. I bought the one on this plane used on eBay for about $25.00.
Pictures to follow.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Jr. Nipper-2 Posted by Picasa

Jr. Nipper-1 Posted by Picasa

Flying C/L in Walkersville Again

Don and I met this morning around ten. And we managed to get in some fun flying.
Don brought one of his Hexdrones powered by a Norvel 061. He managed about 5 flights on the Hexdrone. I was very impressed. The Hexdrone flies really well. The Norvel 061 puts out awesome power. The Hexdrone has really great manueverability. It is the best flying 1/2-A type plane I have seen in a long time.
And I managed to get in 4 more flights on my Jr. Nipper powered by an OS 20FP-S. The Jr. Nipper is really great fun to fly. It stays out on the lines no matter what happens. It handles wind very well. It turns tight. And the speed is just about right for sport flying. Right now I think it is the best flying plane I have ever built. Managed plenty of inside and outside loops; overhead, vertical, and lazy eights; wingovers; and a good bit of inverted flying.
Love the JR. Nipper!
Somehow I forgot I had the camera with me until after Don left the field. So the pictures are only of the Jr. Nipper. Too bad. The Hexdrone is a cool looking plane.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Home from Flying  Posted by Picasa

Flying C/L in Walkersville MD

Went stooging in Walkersville at the Heritage Farm Park again today. The town maintenance crew mowed the fields this week. The grass length was perfect today. And it was only about 92 degrees out (pretty cool by recent standards). And the winds were light. All in all pretty near perfect conditions.
Managed to get in three quick flights with my ARF Flite Streak. What a blast! Plenty of inside and outside loops, inverted flight, lazy eights, vertical eights, wingovers and overhead eights. The Streak still flies fast and turns tight. I love it.