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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Circulator Survives!

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Super Tigre 34

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Circulator Lives!

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Me Too!

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Circulator Home!

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Too Windy in Walkersville

The forecast for this area today called for 10-15 mph winds with gusts over 25 mph. So I decided not to spend the time and gasoline necessary to fly at the SLOW club field. I miss the guys, though.
Anyway, I just had to try flying here in Walkersville. So I went over to the Heritage Farm Park.
After opening the needle valve on my Super Tigre 34 about 3/8 of a turn, it fired right up. And the takeoff was really hairy. The wind blew the lines slack some, but the plane and I recovered. The wind nearly blew the Circulator out of the circle a couple of times. It would start to seem like the flight would be O.K. and then a wicked gust would challenge control.
I managed to complete a couple of inside loops and maintain control of the plane. But it really was just too windy. So after the first flight, I packed up and went home feeling a little foolish for not having enough sense to stay home in the first place.
The Weatherbug says the high gust at the high school was 31 mph. I think a couple of gusts that high or higher hit my Circulator during that flight.
Hopefully some weekend soon we will get some gentle winds around here on a Sunday I do not have to go to work. My wife Sharon was nice enough to take a few pictures after the return from the field. Some of them follow.