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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ready 5 Posted by Picasa

Ready 4 Posted by Picasa

Ready 3 Posted by Picasa

Ready 2 Posted by Picasa

Ready 1 Posted by Picasa

Yankee Nipper Finished!

Just a few more pictures of the Yankee Nipper finished and ready to fly! All we need now is a nice spring day.
Wonder what I should be building next...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Maryland Nipper Posted by Picasa

Leo 37-J'en Ven-APC 9x4-GRW Chicken Hopper-Ready to Nip Posted by Picasa

And Again Posted by Picasa

Yankee Nipper Again Posted by Picasa

Yankee Nipper? Posted by Picasa

Thingamajig (Yankee Nipper) Update

Well, now the tail boom is epoxied into the wing slot. So, once the epoxy sets, the controls can be hooked up. And that will pretty much finish the plane.
I guess I probably should call this a Yankee Nipper. It sure looks like one.
The Yankee Nipper is supposed to have Psycho foam wing cores from Phil Cartier. But the cores I used are from a Gotcha Super Streak kit I bought on eBay. So I do not know if they are the same as the Psycho cores or not. So this plane may be a Yankee Nipper. But it may just be almost a Yankee Nipper. Only the Shadow knows...
The Yankee Nipper is a design by Jim Carpenter. If you want details on it go to:
The metal motor mounts in the pictures were purchased from Jim Carpenter. The plans in the pictures were also bought from Jim Carpenter.
The wing covering is Towercote from Tower Hobbies. The paint is Rustoleum over water based polyurethane.
More pictures to follow.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Thingamajig One More Time Posted by Picasa

Thingamajig Tail Feathers and Rear Fuselage Posted by Picasa

Thingamajig Power Train Posted by Picasa

Thingamajig again Posted by Picasa

Thingamajig on the bench Posted by Picasa

Thingamajig Update

The Thingamajig (Carbon Yankee Coyote Nipper) is moving along. In another week or so it should be ready to fly. But right now Maryland is covered in ice and snow. So the maiden flight probably will wait until Spring.
Pictures to follow.
If you want one of these (you know you do), check this out:

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thingamajig Covered Already Posted by Picasa

Carbon Yankee Coyote Nipper Thingamajig Posted by Picasa

Building Season is Here!

Alas, the weekend before Thanksgiving is the traditional end of the flying season here in Maryland.
So, from now to next Spring it is build and/or daydream about building and flying.
This is just an update on my current building project.
I have been wanting to build a foam winged plane like the combat fliers use ever since getting my Ukey 35 ARF. The Ukey is a pretty good plane. It made me want to know how to build one for myself.
Fortunately Google found me a great website with just that info. Check it out:
This is Mark Rudner's website and it is great.
I got all the info I needed there to try to build my own foamy winged sport flier.
Construction photos to follow.
P.S. It is really fun to learn a modeling technology that is new to the individual using it for the first time.
P.P.S. This thing is coming out so light with so little work, that I expect I am about to finish my first ever self built truly light and maneuverable sport flyer. One of these can be easily built as light as the light balsa planes built by the master wood selectors who invest hundreds of hours in each plane.
Thanks for the info is my message to the control line combat community.